Antimony with Sarah Jones

In this episode, Anna talks to comedian and geomicrobiologist PhD student Sarah Jones about antimony. We first discuss Sarah’s PhD topic which is using bacteria to mine metals like antimony (!), and go off on many delightful tangents like mobile phone addiction and allergies. One highlight of this episode is the comedy-sided sledgehammer which Sarah brought with her to smash open a chunk of stibnite, which we attempted and failed in the studio, but later found success outside. In public. Wearing safety goggles. And who said science isn’t cool?

About Sarah

Sarah Jones is  a PhD student researching how microbial communities break down environmentally important minerals. She is also a comedian who started doing stand-up as a way of dealing with an extreme case of imposter syndrome and has since performed at a wide range of comedy and sci-comm gigs, both nationally and internationally. Sarah was a semi-finalist in the Gilded Balloon’s new comedian competition: So You Think You’re Funny? 

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