Chocolate with Jamie Upton

In this episode, Anna talks to chocoholic Jamie Upton about the subject of his desire, chocolate. Jamie tells tales of the unhealthy behaviours he exhibits due to his dependence on this tasty material, as well as the history and science behind our favourite indulgences. This episode was an early foray into in-studio experiments, and given that it involved a blowtorch and an enormous cylinder of helium, Iā€™d say we started strong.

About Jamie

Jamie is a former cell biologist, now working in some indeterminate point between art and science. He's currently programmer for the Barbican's new Life Rewired hub. Come Visit! He likes emerging technologies and how they're changing what it means to be a human being. He also likes cryptic crosswords, canals and has a pathological addiction to peanut Kit Kat Chunkies.