Clay with Darren Ellis

In this episode, Anna talks to potter Darren Ellis about clay. We talk about clay as a 3D sketchbook, different types of furnaces, ancient pottery, and why you should never promise your mates hand-made pottery as wedding presents when you’re still a learner on the wheel.

About Darren

Darren is a potter, living in South East London and working at Maze Hill Pottery. He produces small batches of domestic ware for the use of cooking, serving and the presentation of food. The pots are fired in a reduction atmosphere, half of the ware requires being fired in a Salt/Soda kiln for the flashing effect on the bare clay surface. The other half of the pots are fired in a gas kiln that has a 'cleaner' or purer environment where there is no interaction with the silica from either Salt or Soda. He uses a combination of a high iron clay and a white clay body, both for Stoneware, sometimes blended to achieve the results he is aiming for. Darren makes his own glazes which are closely related to Celadons and Nuka's with variant amounts and types of Iron to achieve the colour.

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