Collagen with Emma Mccarthy

In this episode, Anna talks to doctoral researcher Emma McCarthy about the material central to her research, collagen. We talk about how it can be used to make 3D scaffolds to grow new organs and skin, and where it sometimes comes from (rat tails, gross!). Anna briefly gets sidetracked talking about jellyfish, and then it’s back on track to debunk myths surrounding collagen’s use in diet and beauty products.

About Emma

Emma McCarthy is a Doctoral Researcher who focusses on manipulating collagen, a scaffold like protein essential for tissue function. She does this through both physical and chemical influence to aid wound repair. She previously studied Physics at the University of Warwick and went on to study within the Physical Sciences for Health CDT at the University of Birmingham. She currently studies within the BioChemical Engineering department in association with the Healthcare Technologies Institute.

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