Cotton with Richard McVetis

In this episode, Anna talks to artist embroiderer Richard McVetis about one of his most-used materials, cotton. They discuss how Richard uses embroidery to explore scientific concepts like string theory, entropy, and the meaning of time. And if that wasn’t mind-bending enough for you, Richard also talks about one of his recent pieces, impressively stitching 60 cubes and adding an hour of stitching time per cube, starting with 1 hour and ending with 60. This episode is a masterclass in interfacing art and science.

About Richard

McVetis uses a range of media including drawing, installation and textiles to explore our perception of space and time. His minimalist work is an endless exploration, not just of form but of the reclamation and potential of process and repetition within stitch. A step-by-step examination of perspective and scale which unearths the human condition. His process is labour-intensive and centres on the use of hand embroidery that reflects a preoccupation with the repetitive nature of process, exploring the subtle differences that emerge through ritualistic and habitual making. In addition, the mapping of space and marking time and form are central themes. McVetis explores the way time and place are felt, experienced and constructed. Ideas are often developed in response to, or created specifically to a moment, visualising and making this a tactile and tangible object. The pieces created explore how objects, materials and places, through the action of hands, bear witness to the passing of time, of the mundane and monotonous regularity of everyday existence. McVetis, is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in 2008, he lives and works in London.

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