Henna with hana ayoob

In this episode Anna talks to creative producer, illustrator and science communicator Hana Ayoob about henna. We cover the cultural significance of this plant-based dye as well as the history and science behind it. Hana talks about how growing up drawing on her family with henna, followed by a science degree, have come together in her own unique artworks. Check out some examples below.

About Hana

Hana is a freelance creative producer of science events, an illustrator and a science communicator. She’s passionate about bringing people together to explore the world around us. As an illustrator Hana mainly works in ink. Her style is characterised by intricate detail and repetitive patterns, inspired by traditional Indian art and the henna tattoos she practiced relentlessly as a child and teenager. 

Hana specialises in producing science communication and public engagement events, and has developed and delivered hundreds of talks, shows and other activities at national science festivals and other events. She also regularly speaks and performs at comedy shows, festivals and other events, and co-hosts the podcast Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet which takes an irreverent look at science and technology.

Check out Hana’s website and her online shop, and follow her on Twitter and Insta.

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