Lime with Beth Munro

In this episode, Anna talks to Roman archaeologist Beth Munro about lime. We ask what have the Romans ever done for us? And it turns out that it's self-healing concrete, fertilisers, chemical weapons and cocktails all using lime (actually not cocktails I made that one up). At the end of the episode Beth mentions building a replica lime kiln at the Institute of Making, and here it is taking shape (left) a few weeks later!

About Beth

Beth is an archaeologist who specialises in the recycling of ancient materials and Roman villa architecture. She received her DPhil in Archaeology from Oxford in 2010. She also holds an MPhil in Classical Archaeology from Oxford and a BA in Archaeology and Ancient History from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She has held postdoctoral fellowships and lectureships at the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Roehampton University in London, and the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on the transformative processes and economics of glass, metal, and stone recycling in the late Roman period. She is currently a Research Associate at the Institute of Classical Studies and Research Manager at the Institute of Making at University College London.