Mercury with Lucy Clements

In this episode, Anna talks to dentist Lucy Clements about mercury. As amalgam (an alloy with silver, tin and copper), mercury has been used in dentistry for millennia, but new alternative materials and stricter laws could see it phased out in the coming years, which we discussed at length and had to edit down for time. In this conversation we cover fillings, Latin grammar and 90s gameshow Fort Boyard. This episode represents Anna’s first attempts at recording in the field, and as such the audio quality is lower than the other episodes.

About Lucy

Lucy qualified from King’s College London in 2014 and has worked in general practice ever since. She completed a postgraduate certificate in aesthetic and restorative dentistry and particularly enjoys cosmetic dentistry. She works at Bloxham Dental Practice and has a special interest in dental education. She trains and teaches newly qualified dentists and is currently undertaking a PGCE in medical education. Lucy loves applying material science everyday in practice and is particularly interested in trialing amalgam replacement materials.