Meteorites with Sarah Day

In this episode Anna talks to Sarah Day, Head of Media Relations and Outreach at The Geological Society of London, about meteorites. We talked about unlucky people and unlucky dogs who have been hit by meteorites, and of course the unluckiest of all, the dinos.

About Sarah

Sarah Day is a London based writer and science communicator. She works at the Geological Society of London, where she is Head of Media Relations and Outreach. With a background in the history and philosophy of science, she has written for publications including The Guardian, The Vagenda and the British Society for Literature and Science. Her first novel, 'Mussolini's Island', was published in February 2017 by Tinder Press. It has since won a Betty Trask Award and been shortlisted for the Historical Writers Association Debut Crown Award and the Polari First Novel Prize. In 2019, Sarah will be a Writer in Residence at Gladstone’s Library.

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