Aluminium with Steve Cross

In this, our inaugural episode, Anna chatted to friend of the show Steve Cross about his obsession with aluminium. The episode opens with Steve eating Hula-Hoops (wrapped in aluminium, of course) and that pretty much sets the tone for the rest of this chaotic, cheeky and comedic recording. Steve brought along his solid aluminium bass guitar (the Travis Bean TB2000) and the opening music for the episode features this very instrument. In this episode we discover the lengths to which Steve has gone to get aluminium everything (including his kitchen and his glasses, left), and we meet Anna from the Future, Anna’s fact-checking alter-ego, who debuts with a correction about the Mohs Hardness Scale.

About Steve

Steve tells jokes about science, history and geek culture, and helps nerds to be funny for a living. He used to be a scientist, then a museum curator and even managed to fail in the cut-throat world of university administration. He's the founder of Bright Club, the man behind the Science Showoff comedy machine and the host of events all over the world. You can hear more of Steve's voice on his podcasts Science Showoff Presents and Chaotic Adequate, and in a comedy club near you.

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