Slime with Sara Brouwer

In this episode, Anna talks to events manager, ceramicist and slime queen Sara Brouwer about slime. Sara’s love of slime has been life-long, and when presented with the opportunity to share that love with thousands of others at an Institute of Making event, she grabbed the opportunity with both hands, careful to keep it moving due to the sheer-thinning properties of slime. This episode contains perhaps the riskiest live experiment ever attempted on the podcast; making slime in a room in which every surface is covered with slime-loving fabric. Somehow the carpets were left un-slimed, and we lived to record another day.

About Sara

Sara Brouwer is a third-culture-ceramicist and programmes improbable making events. She has also unwittingly become a slime connoisseur. Sara attended Camberwell College of Arts where she specialised in drawing, stop-frame animation, video art and weird jokes, followed by a Museum Studies MA at UCL. In an attempt to build the world's most obscure CV, she has worked at the Crafts Council and is now part of the Institute of Making. 

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